International Nursing Ethics

Cross Cultural Comparisons of Current Topics

a set of online studies designed, taught and learned within an international group of teachers and students. 

The programme includes a launch, three workshops and a midterm seminar, all carried out online. In addition to these, students will cooperate and study together in between workshops in international study groups. The studies are carried out during the spring semester 2021. 

The aim of these studies is to get acknowledged and deepen one's insights of current topics of nursing ethics across different countries in Europe. Do we face the same challenges or are there differences between our countries and cultures? What kind of challenges has covid brought in nursing and ethics of nursing? 

We hope to find answer to these and many more interesting questions during these online studies. 

The universities taking part in these international studies are:

FINLAND Oulu University of Applied Sciences
UK University of Lincoln
UK University of East Anglia
POLAND Medical University of Lublin
SLOVENIA College of Nursing in Celje
GERMANY Asklepios Harzkliniken GmbH
CROATIA Josep Jurev Strossmeyer University of Osijek

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